Saturday, July 28, 2012

240 mm MRL.

This is coolbert:

The battle for Aleppo continues and the situation is in doubt.

As reported from only two days ago now and seen in the DEBKAfile,July 25, 2012, that Syrian army now using multiple-rocket-launcher [MRL] concentrated fire against their own people!!

"Syrian army fires extra-deadly artillery in Aleppo"

"The rebels are in retreat from Aleppo dogged by the Syrian army's 11th Division firing heavy artillery shells whose blast hits a 250-meter radius and maximizes death and destruction. The troops [Syrian army and not the insurgents] are also shooting Katyusha 240mm rockets into residential districts of Aleppo"

240 mm MRL the fire of which is most devastating, Assad willing to crush the egg shell with a sledge hammer, violence and fire power gratuitous and overwhelming!!

240 mm MRL a single focused and directed volley of such rocket artillery able to destroy in totality an entire grid square [a grid square 1,000 meters on a side]!!

240 mm MRL as obtainable ONLY [??] from the old Soviet Union or the North Koreans [DPRK].

That 240 mm MRL also chemical capable. Can carry and deliver for a distance chemical munitions.

1. The BM-24 Soviet model.

"The BM-24 is a multiple rocket launcher designed in the Soviet Union. It is capable of launching 240mm rockets from 12 launch tubes"

2. 240MM ROCKET LAUNCHER M-1985 and 240MM ROCKET LAUNCHER M-1991 - - North Korean.

"The North Koreans have produced two different 240mm rocket launchers, the 12 round M-1985 and 22 round M-1991. The M-1985 rocket pack is easily identified as it has 2 rows of 6 tubes and is mounted on a cab behind engine chassis. The M-1991 is mounted on a cab over engine chassis. Both launch packs could be adapted to any suitable heavy cross-country truck."

Cracking the proverbial egg shell with the sledge hammer surely an understatement here? Firepower overwhelming, again gratuitous and callous in the extreme. Assad is going for keeps and playing rough with one and all and the worst is yet to come?


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