Friday, July 13, 2012


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 If indeed as all the lurid reports have indicated, the Syrian has imported 3 million what are called "gas masks" from Russian, protection against chemical weapons [but not limited strictly to chemicals], these are perhaps either of the older style Soviet mask OR the more recent and advanced Russian version.

Thanks to the armygasmask web site in all instances!

 1. Soviet/East German SchM41M Protective Gas Mask. The Soviet era SchM41M NO LONGER considered to be reliable.

Designed to be worn with that all covering head and face mask, the filter in canister worn on the belt, a hose connecting the mask to the canister. Replaceable filters available and when originally designed state-of-the-art and reliable, adequate as it would be said!!

 2. GP-7 & PKM Russian mask. "The PMK gas mask represents a family of gas masks used by the Soviet Military, and later by the armed forces of the Russian Federation."

This individual wearing the PMK with chemical suit ensemble the hood pulled over the head part of the suit, that mask covering only the face! During actual combat chemical usage the military man would wear both mask and suit.

Russian PMK [military]and GP-7 [civilian] both state of the art and effective."


 PRESUMABLY THE GP-7 represents the 3 million purported imported masks as purchased by the Syrian from the Russian?

 This gas mask was given the designation GP-7VM for civilian use, and the PMK-2 for military use.

This is the GP-7 kit as issued?

"The Russian GP-7VM provides highly efficient protection in real conditions when used properly."



 * That old style mask no longer considered to be effective and NOT to be employed as protection. Mask fits over the entire head and ONLY [?] can be worn properly by a person with short hair? Filters too by now dated the shelf live having expired a long time ago.

 * You need a degree of training to be able to wear and use these masks with effectiveness. The military man has such training but the civilian populace does not. Merely distributing a mask kit to a civilian does not mean that mask will be used in a manner to provide protection.

 * Wearing of the mask under any conditions very uncomfortable. The average person has the urge to remove the mask after wearing for only six minutes!

 This sorta stuff just ain't for everybody!


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Anonymous said...

where you say " This is the GP-7 kit as issued?" thats actually a pmk/pmk2 the gp7/gp7vm have rounded lenses not trianguler ones