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 From the comment to the blog and my original response:

"Don't be such a neocon. They let Hilter's driver go after the war. The whole thing is absurd." - - Dave G.

It appears I am wrong here. 

My failings must be addressed and quick too.

 Originally I had thought that the man in question as the personal chaufffeur of Adolf Hitler was Emil Maurice.


 Was another SS Mann - - Erich Kempka.

"SS-Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Erich Kempka . . . served as Adolf Hitler's chauffeur from 1934 to April, 1945. He was SS member #2,803"

 "29 February 1932 . . . he was tasked as a reserve driver for Hitler's personal entourage . . . In 1936, he replaced Julius Schreck as Hitler's primary chauffeur and chief of his car fleet"

 A fleet of forty vehicles at the disposal of Hitler, ready at any moment to move. So the task of primary driver entailed more than just being at the wheel!

  Emil Maurice for a time after the imprisonment of Hitler in the Landsberg prison [Maurice also incarcerated at the same time and place] indeed the chauffeur but NOT during the war years and even NOT for a period of those three years prior to 1939.

 "Maurice became Hitler's chauffeur. He reportedly had a brief relationship with Geli Raubal, Hitler's niece, and lost his job as Hitler's chauffeur."

 Kempka captured by the American military 1945 and interrogated but not standing trial, no charges lodged. THE DEFENSE AT THE TRIAL OF SALIM HAMDAN CITING THIS PRECEDENT WITHOUT AVAIL!!

 "At the 2008 military trial for Osama bin-Laden's driver, Salim Hamdan, the defense argued for his innocence, noting that Kempka was not tried as a war criminal for being a chauffeur for Hitler."

 I was wrong but not so totally so!

I stand corrected and am glad to share this with all devoted readers to the blog.

Veracity of my comments confirmed and we are all so much the better for it too!!

 As has been stated before, the German word fuerher often translated as "leader" but rather more correctly understood as "driver", the man at the wheel and controlling the direction!!

Well, he [Hitler] was that, wasn't he?


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