Saturday, July 7, 2012


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From only today, thanks to Ynet we have these articles, the secular Israeli mad as hell and ain't gonna take it anymore.

Universal conscription, the military draft, a hot button item in Israel.

For many decades, contrary to popular opinion, NOT ALL Israeli youth reaching the age of eighteen required for perform military service. Those secular Israeli YES but not those of the ultra-Orthodox.

Haredim [ultra-Orthodox] young men and women exempt from conscription, those in religious rabbinical studies not required to perform their military service. This having been the case ever since the time of David Ben Gurion.

Haredim at one time a very small segment of the total Israeli population, that exception to the rule [universal military conscription] not being a matter of significance.

The haredim now a much larger percentage of the overall Israeli population, this now becoming A MATTER OF SIGNIFICANCE. Those haredim seen as draft dodgers and shirkers.

What was true in 1948 is not true now. Rabbinical students in name only getting a deferment to their advantage and creating a lot of anger and resentment among the secular Israeli.

"Disabled IDF veterans gear up for protest rally"

"Protesters to lead procession in Tel Aviv, urge PM Netanyahu to enact universal draft legislation"

"Protesters call for equal burden"

>"Some 12,000 people hold mass rally in Tel Aviv urging government to enact universal draft legislation. 'Equal draft – social justice,' call activists. Diskin: Something is rotten in our leadership"

"Halutz leaves Kadima, slams Mofaz"

"Former chief of staff says politicians should take action rather than demonstrate. 'We can't let this issue turn into political capital; we can't hide behind words'"

The famous Israeli author Amos Oz writing on the subject thirty years ago the secular Jew in conflict with the religious Jew, the latter taking advantage of the former and not appreciative as seen by the general Israeli public.

A few yes for deferment, a whole bunch NO! That is the perception.


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