Sunday, July 15, 2012


This is coolbert:

 Foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict now seen as not only a possible but now nearly a done deal?

 The Syrian moving those chemical munitions from depot for a good reason?

From the Nation of the Arab Emirates we have this item:

 "Some fear war, foreign intervention in Syria"

 "Damascus // With no sign that a political solution will be found to end a six-month-old uprising, Syria is sliding towards a full-blown war involving foreign forces, analysts and political figures in Damascus fear." 

"Pro-and anti-regime figures and independent analysts once spoke of civil war and international military intervention as remote possibilities. In the past 10 days, however, the already somber mood in the Syrian capital has turned even darker and now there is a growing consensus that an escalation of armed conflict is likely, if not inevitable"

Those chemical munitions of the Syrian, under the control of Assad, being deployed from depot, right now, as we speak, a means, steps and measures being taken by the despot to forestall foreign intervention? 

 Those forces in opposition to the ruling Alawite minority begging and pleading for foreign intervention of some sort, NATO spear-headed by Turkish forces being the most obvious scenario.

 Merely the threat of deployed chemical munitions and use of same such a danger that anyone even when desiring to get involved in what is clearly and has been for some time a civil war must have a pause and give the whole matter serious thought.

 NO ONE wanting to expose even in the slightest manner their troops to weapons of mass destruction [WMD], even for the best of causes?

 And once intervention by whomever begins, it will not end? It can be suggested NATO on the side of the rebels, Iran and Russia on the side of Assad, Israel and Hezbollah also ultimately involved.

 Israel has the Samson Option [nuclear weapons] and so does Assad [chemical]?


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