Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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"This is a Big One, a game changer, and it will likely be a major factor in propelling the U.S. to the next (and still unknown) stage of development" — Geopolitics scholar Walter Russell Mead, July 15, 2012

Also thanks to the Chicago Tribune op ed section from the other day this blog entry borderline germane but within the context of American geo-political strategy and military options totally consistent.

With a period of two decades more or less depending who is counting and on the assumptions made, the U.S. to become TOTALLY SELF-SUFFICIENT WITH REGARD TO ENERGY, OIL AND NATURAL GAS BOTH! Even a chance of America becoming AN ENERGY EXPORTING NATION ONCE MORE!!

[at least up unto the point of 1945 American an oil exporting nation!!]

"An American Bonanza"

"Humble North Dakota quietly eclipses cocky Alaska in our drive for energy independence"

"By 2035, oil shipments from the Middle East to North America 'could almost be nonexistent,' the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries now predicts."

All this thanks to the: "The Williston Basin and the Bakken Formation."

That Bakken formation a deposit of oil TWO SAUDI ARABIA OF OIL WORTH!! An immense geological formation encompassing those states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and two Canadian provinces.

Oil the extraction of which until recently hitherto not recoverable. Thanks to the process of fracking oil now recoverable and in almost unimaginable abundance.

500 billion barrels worth to be more or less exact is the estimate!! At current American consumption rates of oil, that is about thirty years supply in Bakken alone!!

Fracking too allowing [not possible prior] for supplies of natural gas most of those deposits under the Appalachian Mountains to be exploited, also about two Saudi Arabia worth of energy under American soil.

American military might assuring a constant and abundant flow of oil unimpeded from the Persian Gulf area for at least forty years, that constant threat of conflict in the area a worry to generations of American administrations much mitigated by the development of that Bakken Formation?

This does remain to be seen!


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