Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is coolbert:

"The U.S. crew repeatedly attempted to warn the vessel's 
operators to turn away from their deliberate approach."

From the Chicago Tribune today:


"Navy ship fires on boat in gulf"

Sailors aboard the American naval fuel ship Rappahannock opening fire on an approaching fishing vessel, killing some of those on board. That fuel ship just having entered the Persian Gulf, presenting a very vulnerable target, the damage to the Rappahannock potentially catastrophic if successfully attacked in the manner of the USS Cole.

"Indian national killed in brush that showcases tension in area"

"WASHINGTON - - Apparently fearful of a terrorist attack, a Navy fuel re-supply ship that had just passed through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf opened fire Monday at a 50-foot [16 meter] fishing boat moving toward it, killing an Indian-man and wounding three others"

"the boat ignored warnings by radio, loudspeakers and flashing lights"

"A civilian crew sails the Rappahannock, but a Navy security team is aboard to protect the ship."

This security team is similar to and in the tradition of World War Two [WW2] NAGS? Navy Auxiliary Guard Service [NAGS]!! Naval personnel trained and prepared to fight using small arms and repel attack from boghammers and other small sailing ships, fend off boarders if need be.

Prepared for warfare on the high seas in the ancient manner in the aftermath of the attack on the USS Cole now A MUST!!

That a vessel of the U.S. Navy sails with a civilian crew is NEW to me. Since when is this? Perhaps a devoted reader to the blog that is knowing can further elaborate?


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