Saturday, May 13, 2017

MRF Europe.

This is coolbert:

From the Russian Internet web site more alarmist headlines that don't do anyone any good at all.

More or less this is the same as the MRF Darwin. NOT a permanent base and stationing of troops as those words and terms generally, commonly and ordinarily understood.

Rotation of troops [U.S. Marines] for training purposes in conjunction with the military units of other NATO nations.

"US Marines Consider More Than Doubling Troops at Controversial Norway Base"

"The US Marine Force deployed in Norway may grow larger still. USMC leadership is currently considering a plan that would up the count of Marines in Norway from 300 to 650."

"In January [2017], some 285 Marines were deployed to a small Norwegian base as part of a new initiative, Marine Rotational Force-Europe. They were to participate in Joint Viking, a Norwegian-British-US training exercise to season NATO elite forces for both cold-weather fighting and defensive warfare in Norway."

Joint training {Joint Viking] involving American, Norwegian and British units. That latter Royal Marine Command and already possessing very good skills at winter and mountain warfare, all the time being amphibious to boot!

See previous blog entries the topic of which was MRF Darwin:

Referred to as "defensive warfare" training probably more correctly called "combat operations".training.


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