Saturday, May 27, 2017


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From the outstanding Internet web site War is Boring

FFE = Free French Exterior.

"Foreign Soldiers Built the French Army"

BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the Second World War [WW2].

Especially those soldiers of the Free French Exterior [FFE]. Those combatants loyal to General de Gaulle.

"Not just the Légion Étrangère"

"France remained one of the world’s great powers, and received a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council for these contributions. However, while the French military played a significant role in the war, it’s commonly overlooked that a generous portion of de Gaulle’s troops during the war—as in well over half—weren’t French."

French as that word and term normally, ordinarily and generally understood.

French colonial troops comprising a goodly amount of the FFE [Free French Exterior] under the command of de Gaulle. As much as 50 % or even greater?

These men are Berbers of the High Atlas mountains of Morocco. French colonial troops during the Second World War. Instantly recognizable from a distance by their wearing of the djellaba and either the British style tin-pot helmet or the turban. Referred to as goum. Noted for their ability to move silently in mountainous terrain during hours of darkness and also experts at camouflage and concealment. Fond of taking ears as souvenirs to prove their military prowess at close-quarter-combat. Those are mouton sheep accompanying the troops as pack animals?

Goum hardly alone either. Black Senegalese troops of the French colonial army also having fought valiantly in both World Wars. Beyond the two World Wars North African and Senegalese troops of the French colonial army also having seen combat in Vietnam during the First Indo-China War!


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