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In part from the book: "1001 THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WORLD WAR II" by Frank E. Vandiver.

Comments of Franz Halder as to the personality and basic nature of Adolf Hitler. Halder the German Army Chief of Staff during those earliest years of the Second World War.

Regarding disputes and arguments between Hitler and his most senior military commanders:

"the product of a violent nature following its momentary impulses, which recognized no limits to possibility and which made its wish-dreams the father of its acts" - - Halder.

"There were daily quarrels all summer. The point upon which we had our final disagreement was the decision of an offensive on the Caucasus and Stalingrad - a mistake, and Hitler didn't want to see it. I told him the Russians would put in another million men in 1942 and get another million in 1943. Hitler told me that I was an idiot - that the Russians were practically dead already. When I told Hitler about Russian armament potentials, especially for tank materials, Hitler flew into a rage of fury and threatened me with his fists." - - Halder [1942?].

See these You Tube videos as taken from the Made-for-television mini-series "War and Remembrance", Hitler in confrontation with his commanders to include Halder:

1. "War and Remembrance (1988) - Hitler, Brauchitsch, Halder"

2. "War and Remembrance (1988) - Ad. Hitler - A. Von Roon - Fr. Halder - Al. Jodl - W. Keitel"

Manteuffel was on record as saying that Hitler did have a good understanding of military affairs and operations at the divisional level and lower. Discussing combat operations at those levels of command above division [corps/army/army group] that understanding of Hitler poor!


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