Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MS XP Trident.

This is coolbert:

"Don’t think anything could possibly go wrong when a British Trident submarine, fitted with American manufactured (and maintained) nuclear warheads – managed via American manufactured (and maintained) nuclear warheads – managed via American developed software infected with American hacking tools when the red button is pushed? Think again."

Once more to the subject of the recent British Royal Navy [RN] Trident missile malfunction. Routine test of ship, crew and missile as having gone awry to the consternation of many. British Members of Parliament [MP] up in arms over this issue as they say?

Thanks again also to Global Research and the original article as extracted from.

"MPs accuse Theresa May of covering up Trident malfunction"

[all spelling again in the British fashion]

The Guardian wrote that Theresa May was:

    “'under pressure to come clean in the House of Commons about the failure of a Trident missile test after MPs accused her of covering up the truth before a crucial parliamentary vote on renewing the nuclear deterrent.'”

"There was a catastrophic test-firing of the UK’s Trident II D5 ballistic missile in June last year off the coast of Florida. This was not some revolutionary new development still at the experimental stage."

. . . .

The Ministry of Defence said:

    “'The problem appears to have involved telemetry data, information gathered from various points and fed to the missile. There seem to have been a communication breakdown involving directional data.'“

"This is the same submarine class that was fitted with ‘Windows for Submarines’. In other words, the outdated software failed. Microsoft stopped supporting the MS XP system completely in 2014."

Warship and crew in harmony, but missile went erratic. Failure as is to be expected from time to time now a major difficulty for Prime Minister May. Elections soon in England and this will prove to be a hot-button item. Hopefully not!


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