Sunday, May 21, 2017

Year 1918.

This is coolbert:

Additionally thanks to the BBC "History" magazine and as extracted the article: "What was history's most dramatic year?".

Most dramatic in this instance also having a military dimension.

According to Jeremy Black that year was 1918!

"Years that mark the close of major wars generally reflect significant changes, but 1918 was particularly traumatic and the changes that occurred have had consequences right up the present day. The fall of the Austrian, German and Turkish empires, and the outbreak of civil war in Russia [with the dissolution of the Russian Empire too], created long-term instability in the Balkans and the Middle East. The Cold War really began in 1918 - - but as a hot war. it was the brutal revolution that set the pattern for many others."

Other English historians having their own perception of "history's most dramatic year" to include:

* 30 B.C. * 1492 * 1572 * 1956. Once more I elaborate no further.


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