Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Challenge 2017.

This is coolbert:

Austria # 1, Germany #2, USA #3.

From the Daily Mail and the article by Rebecca Taylor and a lot of good images thanks to the tip from Freeper.

"Gearing up for World War Three: NATO tanks put on massive show of strength in Germany while Putin's troops practice dropping their armor by parachute"

"NATO tanks have put on a show of their strength during a competing exercise in Germany, testing offensive and defensive operations to see who can prevail."

"Austria took first place in the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017 as six nations and partner nations battled it out in Grafenwoehr, beating France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and the USA in the exercise."


1. This used to be called the Canadian Army Trophy? NATO tank units in competition a yearly event.
2. Austria is a member of NATO? Since when?
3. Ukraine obviously not a member of NATO. A message is being sent to the Russian?
4. American units have done well but only on one time won this type of competition?
5. Hardly a "massive show of strength"  Three tanks per nation is a platoon sized unit.

See a You Tube video of a dated Canadian Army Trophy shoot as it used to be.


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