Saturday, May 13, 2017


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With the previous blog entry in mind consider the latest and newest [apparently] naval special operations weapon with an anti-submarine capability [perhaps]. Thanks to the Russian Internet web site Sputnik and the article by Anton Denisov.

Apparently and perhaps. 

"Sleeping With the Fishes: Norway Devises Swimming 'Sub Killer' Bullets for NATO"

"A Norwegian company is hoping to woo NATO with a revolutionary new product: 'swimming' bullets that remain effective even after significant distances underwater. Additionally, the new super-weapon's creators purport that its capable of taking out a submarine"

Here with an image of the CAV-X round. Appears to be not a whole lot different than any other round as fired from a firearm but notice the tip! Creates the super-cavitation effect that reduces friction from the water to a remarkable degree!

"The Norwegian company DSG Technology has produced CAV-X super-cavitating bullets, which due to a specially turned tip and carefully calibrated balance and mass can be shot through water, in an air bubble. The bubble enveloping the bullet has a friction-less surface, which reduces the drag through the water and increases speed."

See the You Tube video a demonstration somewhat contrived of the CAV-X in action.

Naval special operations units can put this technology to good use. A single underwater combat swimmer [free-swimming frogman] under certain exact certain circumstances now has the capability to take-on an enemy submarine with his personal weapon? Maybe not sink but at least damage to the extent the vessel can be rendered inoperable?


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