Tuesday, May 30, 2017

FB Kate.

This is coolbert:

FB = Firebase.

I recommend this Podcast highly without qualification or reservation. Thanks to the Pritzker Military Library and Museum.

The Battle for FB Kate. From the era of the Vietnam War.

"William Albracht, Abandoned in Hell: The Fight for Vietnam's Firebase Kate"

"An unforgettable account of searing combat, sacrifice, and the drive to survive, Abandoned in Hell is a powerful self-portrait of an unsung hero. Albracht's dramatic memoir of leadership, sacrifice, and brutal violence is a potent reminder of heroism during the Vietnam War—too often forgotten today."

A memoir, a podcast and also a documentary. Outstanding. NOT ONLY highly recommended but probably more so a MUST!


* NOT abandoned as that word generally, commonly and ordinarily understood. Receiving support and very good support too.

* Combat actions of this type during the Vietnam War more common than you would like to believe and  resulted in a lot of  Medals of Honor [MoH] being awarded most deservedly so. Either you fought back in the hardest manner possible or you were going to die.


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