Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tunnel Sinjar.

This is coolbert:

Also from Russian Sputnik News as described the underground lair of ISIL combatants discovered.

Tunnel complex underneath the newly liberated city of Sinjar. Elaborate and far-reaching. It can be expected where ever the forces of ISIL are to be found so will such complexes.

"Secret Underground ISIL Lair With US Weapons and Drugs Found in Iraq"

"Secret underground tunnels used by ISIL militants have been discovered under the Iraqi town of Sinjar. Kurdish forces made the discovery of the hideouts strewn with US made weaponry and drugs."

"The network of tunnels stretch for hundreds of meters, and are believed to have been dug by the forced labor of prisoners."

"Sinjar has only recently been liberated from ISIL control by Kurdish troops in the last two weeks."

Sinjar before ISIL occupation a city of 200,000 persons. NOW uninhabited and uninhabitable and probably will be so for some time to come!

Alcohol forbidden by Islam but drugs such as opiates not so. BZ also popular among the jihadi on a suicide mission!

P.S. My apology this blog entry inadvertently posted a second time. Devoted readers might want to also refer to a more recent blog post as is pertinent to ISIL tunnel warfare.


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