Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Water Afghan.

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As is pertinent to a most recent blog entry some figures of interest.

Water historically either the absence of  or the consumption of fouled and polluted water a major killer of soldiers in wartime.

As it was in the time of the ancients so was it to even in relatively modern times!

Soviet casualties during the decade long sojourn of Red Army troops in Afghanistan producing some startling figures as generally accepted.

* 5,000 killed in action [KIA].
* 15,000 wounded in action [WIA].
* 300,000 non-battlefield casualties.

That latter figure most astounding.

Casualties [non-battlefield] predominantly if more or less exclusively so from hepatitis as gotten from drinking bad water? CANNOT CONFIRM BUT IS A REASONABLE ASSUMPTION!

Soviet military not in the habit of practicing a whole lot of battlefield medical prophylaxis? NOT taking remedial measures to ensure the health of the troops. Prevention of illness and disease BEFORE sickness strikes most important if you want to keep your manpower roster near 100 % or as close to as possible.

WaterGen Spring and Lifesaver are an answer to the age-old problem of providing clean water to the troops in the field?


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