Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Escalation Syria II.

This is coolbert:

Please don't let it be even if we know it to be so.

As reported with much graphic images by the Daily Mail:

"Moscow claims drone footage shows Syrian 'militants' travelling with UN aid convoy as cover moments before trucks exploded as it denies claims they carried out air strike"

* "Lorries packed with medicine and food went up in a giant fireball close to Aleppo province on Monday"

* "A US-led coalition official has suggested that Russia was directly involved in the attack on the aid convoy"

* "They added the attack was carried out in revenge for an earlier airstrike that had killed 60 Syrian soldiers"

* "But Russia has released drone footage they claim show militants seeking cover behind the aid convoy"

Russia has done this in a malicious manner seeking revenge for "an earlier airstrike" that killed Syrian troops in an ACCIDENTAL MANNER? Pray it is not so!


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