Wednesday, September 28, 2016

M-60 Turk.

This is coolbert:

See my previous blog entry regarding the Turkish M-60T tank.

Then read thanks to War is Boring from that tip as seen at Freeper::

"Turkish Tanks Take a Pounding in Syria" by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN

"Rebels armed with guided missiles punish Ankara’s tank force"

Those Turkish tanks that have crossed the border into Syria having seen combat and not always fared so well. Can be picked off by the Russian Kornet anti-tank guided-missile [ATGM]. AND ARE!

"it [Turkey] also maintains an enormous tank force — more than 2,400 all told, greater than the tank forces of France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined".[!!!]

"But only Turkey’s 354 German-made Leopard 2A4 tanks are modern designs, and even those date back to 1985".

That EMBEDDED VIDEO showing what appears to be a Turkish M-60T [?] being destroyed by an ATGM is a classical case of a lack of combined arms. That tank stationary, sitting in the open an obvious and tempting target!!

Poor tactics in this specific case rather than inferior armor the culprit in this case.


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