Thursday, September 22, 2016

Oto Melara.

This is coolbert:

From Sputnik and the story by Georgiy Zimarev and thanks to the tip from Freeper the Russian Navy goes Italian.

"Watch Out, NATO: New Russian Warship Gun Second to None"

"With a sophisticated gun due to be put into service by the Russian Navy in the near future, its warships will have an advantage over NATO vessels, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestia."

"The Russian Navy has decided to equip all of its small missile ships and boats with a unique high-precision digital 76 mm automatic gun, the Russian newspaper Izvestia quoted a Russian navy source as saying. Designed to contain NATO warships equipped with Italian-made Oto Melara guns, the АК-176МА is equipped with an all-weather electro-optical system which shares its characteristics with a sniper rifle, according to the source."

And concerning all things military AND Italian at the same time we rely on the comments of the Soviet era defector Suvorov:

"There may be some people who underestimate Italy as a country of great thinker, but not the GRU. The GRU know that the Italians have very good brains, the brains of great inventors. Few people realize that before the Second World War Italy's technology was at an incredibly high level. The Italians were not especially brilliant in battle, and that obscured the extent of Italian achievement in military technology."

As it was seventy years ago as it is now and presumably always will be!


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