Monday, September 26, 2016


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From the War is Boring Internet web site we have an interesting article and thanks to the tip from Sputnik and Jeff:

"Here Are the Names the Air Force Didn’t Pick For the B-21 Raider" by JOSEPH TREVITHICK.

"Bomber McBombface didn’t make it"

. . . .

"Four months earlier, the Air Force made the unusual decision to let service members submit possible monikers for the bomber over the Internet. Officials ultimately chose Raider from more than 4,600 submissions in total, with more than 2,100 being unique at least in structure and spelling."

"In May, the Air Force said it had whittled these down to a short list of 15 choices. Cole made the much awaited Raider announcement at the Air Force Association’s annual Air, Space and Cyber Conference in Maryland."

"The Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider is a heavy bomber aircraft under development by Northrop Grumman. As part of the Long Range Strike Bomber program (LRS-B), it is to be a long-range strategic bomber for the United States Air Force, intended to be a heavy-payload stealth aircraft capable of carrying thermonuclear weapons."


* Never until just today did I even imagine that the B-21 even existed.

* Will cost about half-a-billion dollars American per copy.

* Expect the bomber if built to come on line and be operational by 2030.

* This is a manned aircraft and NOT a drone!

Abaddon/Aber on Finisher/Abolisher/ABRAM/Ace King/Ace of Spades/Achendra/Active Duty/Adroit Bomber/Aegis/Aeolus/Aerial Freedom among those many "monkers" not making the final fifteen and taken out of consideration!


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