Thursday, September 29, 2016


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Very interesting devoted readers to the blog please read this article from an Internet web site.

Attitudes of the German [civilian and military both] toward American soldiers in the aftermath of the Great War!

"20 Quotes From Germans About American Troops After World War I"

"You might be surprised to read some of things defeated German soldiers had to say about American troops after World War I…"

"The year was 1919, following the allies defeat of Germany, when the U.S commissioned a report regarding German attitudes to their American counterparts, albeit enemies, during the war. The surprising thing was that after compiling everything from interrogation reports to interview transcripts to intercepted letters from Germany, the Americans were more than just a little shocked at the German’s attitude to them."

As associated with quotation # 8 this image not from the era of the Great War. General Eisenhower in the center with his most senior commanders subsequent to German defeat in World War Two. 

That report as based on information from a variety of sources, open and frank, very revealing and probably more true than false.

Opinions of the German toward the American soldier in the main favorable, some ambivalent, a few negative, but not so excessively so.

American occupation of Germany post-war [both WW1 and WW2] generally rather benevolent and progressive!! Not harsh, brutal and cruel!


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