Saturday, September 10, 2016


This is coolbert:

Very discouraging and depressing!

As seen at Freeper:

"US Navy Drops LCS Plans, Concept After Latest Failures"

"PARIS --- After spending billions of dollars, the US Navy has finally abandoned the Littoral Combat Ship [LCS] concept, saying it will turn the first four LCSs into training ships and that all future vessels will be equipped for a single combat mission. Although deliberately worded to minimize its import, the US Navy statement below is a clear acknowledgement that the LCS concept has been an abysmal failure."

The U.S. Navy was going to build fifty of these warships but will end up with only four. The U.S. Navy wanted twenty-seven of the DDX destroyers and has to be content with three! The beat goes on!

FUTURE ships as meaning not FUTURE LCS but any subsequent American surface naval warship?

And I guess the question must be asked by the Chief, Naval Operations [CNO], where do we go from here?

Devoted readers to the blog have an answer? Let me hear from you.

That entire concept of the LCS that could perform as task-tailored a variety of missions ON PAPER has merit but did not come to fruition. 


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