Thursday, July 28, 2016

LRA Kony.

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Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army [LRA] we have not heard about for some time. Until now!

Even after a CONCERTED and DETERMINED effort lasting several years the purpose of which was to eradicate the African terrorist/insurgent group Lord's Resistance Army we find that the group as commanded by Joseph Kony is not only still active but apparently "resurgent"?

Thanks to Voice of America [VOA] and Jungle Trader.

"Ugandan-led Rebel Group Steps Up Attacks in Central Africa"

Joseph adept in using a perverted and corrupted form of Christianity, psychological mind-control and traditional African juju, LRA wreaking havoc over a wide swath of central Africa for DECADES!!

"KAMPALA, UGANDA — A Ugandan-led rebel group operating in Central Africa abducted 498 civilians and killed 17 others in the first half of this year, a watchdog organization said Wednesday, suggesting a resurgence of the group whose leader is the target of an international manhunt."

Diminished in numbers LRA remains a threat albeit more of a nuisance?

Still, that the "concerted and determined" effort to capture Joseph and put an end to the LRA once and for all not succeeding must give us pause for concern?

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