Monday, July 25, 2016


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The "parachute psychosis" continues??

As seen at The Barents Observer!

Russian and Chechen paratroopers to the far north. Military use of the Arctic regions now at an accelerated pace?

1. "Chechen special forces instructors landed on Svalbard"

Chechen special forces used Longyearbyen airport on Svalbard for transportation of personnel and equipment for an airborne drill close to the North Pole.

“'Flying Squad' – a combat group of Chechen special forces, has recently finished an exercise close to the North Pole, and are on their way back to the homeland

"The paratroopers were dropped onto the ice from an Il-76 airplane on March 29. They jumped out from a height of 2500 meter, and started their exercise, which included a 20 kilometer long hike and an attack on an ‘enemy command post'"

2. "Russian paratroopers trained on North Pole"

"Some 100 paratroopers from the Airborne Troops based in Pskov and a unit from the CSTO Collective Rapid Response Force from Belarus jumped onto the ice on Thursday."

"The airdrop was done from Il-76 airplanes at a height of 1,500 meters. The troops used 'Arbalet-2' parachutes, which are designed for extreme conditions"

Possession is nine/tenths of the law. Russian claims to the far north solidified by the camp of Barneo located almost at the North Pole itself!

3. "Barneo ice floe cracking up"

"The ice floe where Russia's ice station Barneo is under construction has cracked up, and technicians are now looking for a new place to put up camp."

"Only 650 meters are left of the 1200 meters long runway which Russian technicians finished preparing on Sunday, Barneo’s Facebook profile reads."

"Helicopters have taken off to search for another ice floe, and the technicians are preparing to airdrop tractors to a new location. 'We start it all over,' the message on Facebook reads."

Barneo an occupied camp near the North Pole and not to be confused with the Drift Stations that were an aspect of the Cold War. Warfare in the expanses of the arctic region as thought to be a possibility if the Soviet Union and the United States became engaged in mortal combat!!

 Regarding the term "parachute psychosis" consider what the Soviet era defector Suvorov has to say:

"The parachute is not just a weapon and a form of transport. It also acts as a filter which courageous soldiers will pass through, but weak and cowardly men will not."


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