Thursday, July 21, 2016

HMS Ambush.

This is coolbert:

First there was Astute and now there is Ambush.

British nuclear powered attack submarines both of which [the entire class now indeed?] that are gaining a reputation as hard-luck vessels!

Thanks to the Daily Mail and the tip from Freeper.

"Britain's newest... nuclear submarine is forced to dock... after CRASHING into a merchant vessel"

"Britain's newest and most advanced £1.1billion nuclear submarine limped into Gibraltar yesterday after she crashed into a merchant ship during a training exercise."

"HMS Ambush was submerged when it suffered a 'glancing' collision with a tanker as it surfaced at around 1.30pm, the Ministry of Defence confirmed."

"Its submariners looked grim and had their heads bowed as they stood next to its badly dented turret as it was towed into Britain's key Mediterranean port on Wednesday afternoon."

HMS Astute the first in the class at time or another: 1. Run aground. 2. Inside of the ship shot up by a lunatic. 3. Found not to able to achieve top speed as was designed for.

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That saga of the Astute class submarine continues much to the chagrin of the Royal Navy. And regrettably so too!


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