Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pierre & Alfie.

This is coolbert:

More Western Allies TANK ACES from the era of the Second World War [WW2].

Frenchman and English.

1. Pierre Billotte. Frenchman.

"Pierre Armand Gaston Billotte . . . was a French Army officer and politician. He was the son of General Gaston Billotte, who commanded parts of the French Army at the start of World War II. Pierre Billotte was himself notable for his combat actions during the Battle of France."


"Billotte is known for his extraordinary actions as a French Tank Commander on 16 May 1940 during the battle at the French village of Stonne . . . Billotte and his B1 Bis managed to break through the German defences and to destroy two German PzKpfw IV tanks, eleven PzKpfw III tanks and two enemy guns."

2. Alfie Nicholls. English. Alfie serving as a tank gunner and not as a commander.

"Corporal Alfie Nicholls of the 9th Lancers made at least 13 kills in the Western Desert during the 1st battle of El Alamein (9 in one day in 1942), and once source states he may have had 40 kills in total . . . this would make him the highest scoring British tank crewman of WW2"

Pierre Billotte had an unfair advantage? That French B1 Bis almost totally impervious to any and all German anti-tank fire of the period. German tanks also at the time of the Battle of France [1940] generally considered to be INFERIOR to the French adversary.

And regarding Alfie Nicholls many of his "kills" were achieved against inferior Italian armor?

"Many of Nicholls' kills were against the lighter armoured vehicles of the Italian Army but he also was successful against the Panzers of the Africa Korps and German army in Italy."

The achievements of these two men in my opinion hardly is diminished by any and all nay-sayers.

"Those with the loudest voices are often found furthest from the scene of the action!!"


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