Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mr. Lincoln.

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A debt of gratitude to Freeper, Mr. Wayne G. Barker and the Aegean Park Press for insight into this matter.

MORE CRYPTO! From that era of the American Civil War.

Secret and enciphered messages from the American President to his immediate subordinates. One would assume issues of the highest priority discussed. Messages in cipher but never "read". Until NOW we hope!

"Crowdsourcing a modern means to crack code on Civil War texts"

"The Wall Street Journal reported on a trove of Civil War era telegrams — many of them to and from Abraham Lincoln — that have never been decoded."

"The telegrams are owned by the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino. They have started a project, 'Decoding the Civil War,' to transcribe and decipher their collection of nearly 16,000 Civil War telegrams between Lincoln, his Cabinet and Union Army officers. About a third of the telegrams were written in code."

"The library is crowdsourcing the project through the largest online platform for collaborative volunteer research, Zooniverse. They hope about 75,000 volunteers will sign up and make quick work of the deciphering"

Those Federal cryptographic systems of the American Civil War the nature of which for the most part well understood..

What is called route transposition ciphers. Entire words transposed rather than individual letters and characters. Route ciphers with random groups added to make more difficult the task of the enemy to "read" secure messages That highest level echelon [Lincoln in direct communication with his immediate subordinates in the field] also having embedded CODE within the messages to guarantee security and further the difficulties as would be the case for the eavesdropper and unintended recipient.

Cryptographic system as deemed ADEQUATE!! AND WERE!

Leopold von Ranke and those who adhere to his school of historiography would be greatly pleased with this concerted effort of the Zooniverse? Original source documents might allow for a new perspective on events as they occurred during the American Civil War? Messages the content of which was to be seen only by concerned parties and at the highest echelon of command of most significant importance in all cases!

Mr. Lincoln himself I would be impressed? You bet!


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