Friday, July 1, 2016

GPS Mojave.

This is coolbert:

Thanks to the tip from Paul:

"This is Likely Why the Navy Is Causing a Massive and Mysterious GPS Outage in the Western US"

"The Pentagon is addicted to GPS, and the intervention is just getting underway."

ADDICTION in a bad way [is there good addiction?] that there is too much reliance on machines and not the man!!

"the Department of Defense is coming up with new concepts, and dusting off old ones as well, to deal with a GPS-denied reality. On the low end, one measure once again sees the Navy teaching and practicing celestial navigation."

Men in ships. Men on the ground. Men in planes. Too reliant on GPS and NOT ABLE to navigate in the venerable and ancient methods. WEAKNESS!

Map reading and land navigation as taught by the U.S. Army non-commissioned officer schools the number # 1 impediment to successful graduation!!

See previous blog entry regarding celestial navigation:

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