Thursday, July 7, 2016


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From the article at the New York Times by KAREN YOURISH and JASMINE C. LEE and thanks to the tip from Steve we have:

"What the Americans Drawn to ISIS Had in Common"

The Islamic State combatants often characterized by the incorporation of significant numbers of foreign nationals not indigenous to that particular region of the Middle East [Iraq and Syria]. VOLUNTEERS the attraction to the Islamic State rather strong.


Motivating factors among American volunteers as discerned to include:

"The nearly 100 United States residents accused of trying to help the Islamic State share certain characteristics that may have made them more susceptible to radicalization, according to a report from the Center on National Security at Fordham Law."

- "U.S. citizens [vs.] Permanent residents, refugees or other …"
- "At least a quarter of them expressed a desire for martyrdom. …"
- "Many were strongly influenced by al-Baghdadi or al-Awlaki. …"
- "Many lived with their parents, some of whom tried to intervene. …"
- "Many used social media to become involved with the Islamic State. …"
- "Some of them sought links to ISIS through marriage. …"

That figure of one-hundred probably way too low. That number includes those that are KNOWN! Also a pretty high percentage of the American volunteers [and other foreigners too for that matter] highly idealistic persons in a manner that is a SHOCK to many!

This world-wide phenomenon of foreign volunteers to the cause of ISIL something no one would ever have anticipated?


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