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Metz II.

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"second-rate German troops fighting strictly defensively with second-rate equipment but occupying formidable fortifications and commanded by superior commanders who knew their battlefield savvy a tough combination to beat."


The German defender at Metz [1944] consisting for the most part of ad hoc units lacking any sort of unit cohesiveness of integrity but the personnel for the most part anything but second-rate.

German ad hoc units formed and consisting predominantly of soldiers of proven and demonstrable ability and in the process of matriculating from officer and non-commissioned officer courses.

Feeble and second-rate troops in the minority!

That order of battle of the German 462 Division during the defense of Metz consisting of:

*  "One regiment was formed by the Officer Candidate  Regiment, Military District XII – Oberst von Siegroth."

* "One regiment was formed around the 1010. Sicherheits Regiment – this regiment had retreated from France and was comprised mostly of weak, elderly and convalescents -  Oberst Richter."

* "One regiment was formed out of the NCO School of Military District XII – Oberst Wagner."

Again, according to the  calculations of Trevor Dupuy those fortifications of Metz acting as a significant force multiplier. Increase the combat capacity of the ad hoc German defender by 60 %!! Under such circumstances even troops described as "weak, elderly and convalescent" can give a good account of themselves when fighting strictly defensively!!

Such was the performance of the German defender at Metz and recognized at the time a special award what seems to be analogous to the American Presidential Unit Citation awarded to participants in recognition of their three-month effort. Metz 1944. Thanks to the info from COL Scott Pritchett.


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