Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Smoking Gun.

This is coolbert:

From the BBC History Magazine issue # 200 the type of item that can raise hackles in some quarters:

"What historical mystery would you love to solve?"

And the response from Richard Overy, professor of history, University of Exeter:

"One of the historical mysteries that still remains unresolved after decades of research is the question of whether Adolf Hitler ever did given an order, written or verbal, for the genocide of the Jews. it was a puzzle that I thought I could solve more than 20 years ago, when a German count offered the 'The Observer' exclusive rights to a set of Hitler documents that had apparently lain hidden in a bank deposit box in Vienna since the end of the war."

"It was an exciting moment: there were pages, allegedly by Hitler, explaining the decisions he reached in 1941 about the Jews, about declaring war on the United States, even, if I recall well enough, about Rudolf Hess and his zany flight. A quick glimpse showed that were all forgeries. And comparison of the handwriting showed that they were very poor forgeries."

". . . But finding that genocidal smoking gun is still something that historians of the Holocaust hope might be out there somewhere."

The "smoking gun" has yet to be fund! See at this Internet web site article a discussion of the topic , the yea and the nay, the pro and the con, the importance of "an order, written or verbal" or lack thereof and why this matters!!

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