Monday, January 21, 2013

Brigadier Binani.

This is coolbert:

At last! Another success, minor as it is, the hunt for the outlaw and perpetrator of crimes against humanity Joseph Kony continuing unabated. Thanks to Voice of America and the tip from Jungle Trader.

For many months now the "hunt" for HIM continuing with seemingly no resolution. NOW the "brigadier" has been run to ground and killed.

One hundred or so American Special Operations [SO] and Special Forces [SF] troops as detailed with the mission of supporting the offensive against those last remnants of the Lord's Resistance Army [LRA]" having so far meagre success, Joseph as I have feared able to outwit and flummox his pursuers.

"Ugandan Troops Kill Kony Bodyguard"

 "Ugandan troops have killed a top bodyguard of Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony."

"A Ugandan army official said Monday that the rebel, known as Brigadier Binani, was killed Friday during a firefight in the eastern part of the Central African Republic, near South Sudan."

"Army spokesman Felix Kulayigye said Ugandan troops were deployed to the area after receiving intelligence that a group of LRA rebels was there."

Joseph continues to elude capture and remains elusive, the wary and wily prey very cagey a master at deceit and deception.

Some devoted readers to the blog will remember from a number of months that YouTube video that went viral, inspiring the current effort to kill or capture Joseph, the LRA now on the run and hopefully never to be heard from again, pursued to Kingdom Come if necessary and not allowed to regroup.

Believe it or not, that video preceded from five years earlier by a series of comic books [graphic novels] a production of Moonstone publications featuring the comic book character of the Phantom [man in purple tights] in mortal combat with HIM. These were Phantom # 17, # 18, # 19, "The Invisible Children".

"In Uganda a man known only as HIM is stealing children from their tribes and forcing them into his army. What HIM's plans are are not know, but it is known that he tortures and beats the children he takes, these Invisible Children. The Phantom plans to bring HIM down HARD!"

HIM being a character based upon Joseph Kony. HIM = His Infernal Majesty! Joseph of course combining aspects of a corrupted form of Christianity, brainwashing and psychological manipulation and African juju in a most frightening manner.

IN the graphic novel, the Phantom succeeds where the SO and SF cannot? Sadly it seems to be mostly so.

Prior to the American Civil War the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" inspired, in 2007 a series of graphic novels inspires? How far have we come?


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