Sunday, January 20, 2013


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Here with more on that electro-optic system as found on the current generation of Fateh-110 Iranian missile and before that the Russian Iskander.

These various short-range [hundreds of kilometers is short?] ballistic missiles incorporating inertial, GPS and electro-optical guidance systems of very good accuracy.

The Iskander-M for instance, not for export having as organic:

"Guidance system"

"Inertial, optical homing, and possibly GLONASS for Iskander-M"

"Targets can be located not only by satellite and aircraft . . . or from aerial photos scanned into a computer. The missiles can be re-targeted during flight in the case of engaging mobile targets. Another unique feature of Iskander-M (not Iskander-E) is the optically guided warhead, which can also be controlled by encrypted radio transmission, including such as those from AWACS or UAV. The electro-optical guidance system provides a self-homing capability. The missile's on-board computer receives images of the target, then locks onto the target with its sight and descends towards it at supersonic speed"

Accuracy for the Iskander-M at a range of "400 km (250 mi)" reputed to be:

"5–7 m [meters] with terminal phase optoelectronic homing system"

Intelligence acqui4res a target and the location of same from troops on the ground or from aerial photography and relays the coordinates and image to the missile EVEN WHEN IN FLIGHT. That electro-optical system allowing pinpoint accuracy on the downward trajectory with the mighty bang on target!!

As I recall the American Pershing-2 also an on board radar that compared pre-selected targets with the image as seen by the organic warhead, also on the downward trajectory, mid-course correction possible with accuracy assured!


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