Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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"safeguard - 'Safeguard. A safeguard is a detachment, guard, or detail posted by a commander for the protection of persons, places, or property of the enemy person or property.'"

We have yet one more account from ancient times of what is known in modern parlance as the SAFEGUARD!

Saladin the Islamic commander during the time of the Crusades noted for his chivalric behavior, sparing the Holy City of Jerusalem and the inhabitants thereof from random and unwanted murder, rape, arson, pillage.

Thanks to JihadWatch, Ibn Warraq and the manuscript the Lyon Ercles:

"Again at the siege of Jerusalem, the Lyon Eracles gives further evidence for Saladin’s honorable comportment: 'I shall now tell you how Saladin had the city of Jerusalem protected so that the Saracens would do harm to the Christians there. He [Saladin] placed two knights and ten sergeants in each street to guard the city, and they guarded it so well that I never heard of any wrong being done to a Christian. When the Christians came out of Jerusalem they camped less than a bow-shot away from the Saracen host. Saladin had his troops guard the Christians day and night so that no one could do them any harm and no robbers could fall on them'”.

The safeguard specifically mentioned in the U.S. military UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice] the VIOLATION OF A SAFEGUARD MERITING THE DEATH PENALTY!!

As it was too during the time of Alexander the Great and Shivaji also, the chivalric act of the safeguard not knowing bounds of time or geography, eternal sort of!!

"The SACRED HONOR of a nation on display when a safeguard is established!!" The establishment and maintenance of the safeguard an indication of the civilized man, NOT the barbarian.

Even during the time of the Crusades the knight [officer] and the sergeant given authority general and command whose orders must be obeyed, the consequences of which can be quite severe. DEATH by execution according to law!


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