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An update on the U.S. Navy Navy Expeditionary Combat Command [NECC].

Naval personnel having primarily a combat role often associated normally with U.S. Marine or army units.

"NECC provides rapid deployable and agile expeditionary forces, made up of active duty and reserve mission specialists, to warfare commanders in support of maritime security operations around the globe."

Might be referred to as naval infantry but much more than that.

From the NECC web site those missions of the NECC to include but not necessarily limited to: *

* "Seabees"
* "Coastal Riverine Force"
* "Explosive Ordnance Disposal"
* "Expeditionary Intelligence"
* "Expeditionary Logistics"
* "Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command"
* "Expeditionary Combat Readiness"

The U.S. Navy having an organic combat capacity for ground security action [port or airfield facility], OR combat duty either during brown [riverine] or green [littoral] water operations.

U.S. Navy units able to perform a mission once relegated to the U.S. Marines, that organic capacity felt to be more responsive!

Seabees [Construction Battalions] well know for ashore port and airfield construction and in a class all  by themselves.

[Second World War Seabee units consisting primarily of men already trained and experienced in the construction trade civilian sector, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, heavy machine operators, the officer men with civil engineering degrees.]

They symbol of the NECC crossed cutlass and M-16 rifle. A goodly portion of those personnel qualifying for NECC duty drop-outs from the SEAL program, already having a good degree of training and proficiency as a combat troop.

[my understanding of SEAL training is that those prospects must FIRST complete Underwater Demolition and diver course before proceeding into the SEAL program.]

"Members of most NECC Commands are generally expected to seek qualification for the Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist Insignia unless they belong to specialized communities which require them to qualify for the Seabee Combat Warfare Badge, Navy Diving Badge or Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge."

"Core qualification skills will include weapons qualification and maintenance, marksmanship, land navigation, field communications, and expeditionary camp deployment."

Again, a significant portion of the NECC personnel having completed at least the UDT course and perhaps some level of SEAL training more than adequately prepared for ground combat, small boat operations, or experienced and qualified as a diver. Dangerous and difficult duty at all times but that often is the very nature of the military.


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