Monday, January 21, 2013


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Thanks to the tip from Chuck and the article in the web site Testosteronepit we have details of the "leaked" classified  document from the German BND [Bundesnachrichtendienst] - - American growing oil and energy independence the subject of which has been the topic of a previous blog entry. The geo-political ramifications of such independence understood as enormous!

BND from 1945 known as the Gehlen Organization, the German equivalent of the American CIA and British SIS.

That USA becoming more and more independent with regard to energy recognized for what it is, the GAME CHANGER OF ALL GAME CHANGERS!!

"German Spy Agency: Geopolitical Consequences Of US Oil Boom"

"Much digital ink has been spilled about the oil and gas boom in the US, the result of ever improving fracking technologies, and whether or not it will lead to energy independence, or even turn the US into an oil exporter. Now a 'confidential' report by the German version of the CIA, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), seeped to the surface. It sketched out the boom’s geopolitical consequences. Biggest loser? China."

"One of the reasons—or perhaps the only reason, despite pretexts galore—the US has been so deeply involved in the Middle East, including long and expensive wars, and why the highly unpalatable regime of Saudi Arabia has been an anointed ally for decades, is oil.

NOT ONLY oil! Two Saudi Arabia of energy in natural gas under American soil hitherto not possible to extract now can be gotten. American suddenly and without warning now possesses energy assets in ABUNDANCE! And we are not even talking coal either.

American involvement in the Middle East ever since the days of Franklin Roosevelt and that fateful meeting between FDR and King Saud a given for almost seventy years now. And NOT only American interests at stake, that abundant and free-flowing unimpeded supply of oil to the world a major concern for American statesmen and military planners both.

"US independence from Arabian oil would impact the relationship and balance of power between the US and China, according to the BND report. Struggling to meets its skyrocketing demand for oil, China will buy about half of the oil produced on the Arabian peninsula, and it will, like the US before it, become dependent on it—but unlike the US, it won’t have the military power, at least not initially, to protect its energy sources and transportation routes."

"unlike the US, it [China] won’t have the military power . . . to protect its energy sources and transportation routes."

This is not necessarily so. China for some time has had the "String of Pearls" strategy. Military bases, airfields and strategic alliances with those nations of the Indian Ocean region that see merit in such a relationship, such as Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Somalia etc. That same route and waters as sailed by the famous Chinese Admiral Zheng He from six hundred years ago now!

Those areas of the South China Sea too disputed territory the sovereignty of which is questioned involving many parties no peaceful resolution in sight, the military implications of which are downright scary, American naval involvement and sworn allegiance to allies in the area a given!


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