Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This is coolbert:

Had never heard of this guy before.

American traitor of the Second World War [WW2] seems to have been a willing and devoted follower of the fascist cause, no coercion required for his collaboration.

Delivered intact a top of the line reconnaissance version of the P-38 fighter plane to the German and subsequently made propaganda broadcasts [?] and leaflets in furtherance of the Nazi war effort.
 "a United States airman who defected to the Axis powers and worked as a propaganda broadcaster and writer. After the end of World War II he was caught and sentenced to long terms, first for desertion, then for treason."

During the war Mr. Monti:

1.  "qualified in the P-39 Aircobra and the P-38 Lightning"

2. "deserted the Army Air Forces."

3. "stole  ["a reconnaissance version of the P-38 Lightning"]"

4. "defected to the Nazis"

5.  "began work as a propaganda broadcaster"

6. "participated in writing and composing a leaflet"

Monti post-war arrested for treason ["giving aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war"] sentenced to a long term in prison upon conviction and paroled after serving about half the sentence.

What more can there be for this guy? Only instance I have heard of where the sincere Nazi sympathizer joins the U.S. military [of officer rank too!!] and defects. This guy Monti was a bad egg from the start whose loyalty was not questioned when it should have been?

His punishment tepid too when compared to John Amery or William Joyce! Amery and Joyce both hung post-war for having made German propaganda broadcasts. Monti even more egregiously so delivering intact to the enemy a most valuable piece of military hardware for their evaluation.

This Monti had severe emotional and mental problems? I cannot say. The jury decided and justice was done but in contrast with other such similar cases the man got off easy?


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