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"You may fire when ready Gridley" -- Commodore Dewey.

Thanks to the Philippine news media GMA some stories - - American naval activities in Philippine waters. Some good and some bad.

A clear and most distinct message is being sent to all parts whose nations are contiguous to the waters of the South China Sea? American will honor all commitments regarding the use of military force in the area if and when needed?

1. American minesweeper, a naval mine counter-measures vessel hung up high and dry, having run around in the Sulu Sea. This is the USS Guardian.

"USS Guardian still stuck on Tubbataha Reef"

"An aerial photo taken on Thursday by the Western Command (Wescom) shows the USS Guardian, a US Navy minesweeper, after it ran aground on Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea off Palawan. Tubbataha Reef is a World Heritage Site and popular a diving destination in the PHL. The vessel was in Subic Bay on Jan. 13 for a routine fuel stop before sailing to Puerto Princesa City for a brief visit."

Dangerous waters normally a warship running aground in such a fashion meaning the end of the career for the ranking officer and captain of the ship, possibly others too. .

2. "Unarmed US Navy drone found off Masbate"

"An unarmed US Navy drone which was found off the coast of Masbate province on Sunday was recovered by the San Jacinto town police force and turned over to the Philippine Navy. The US Embassy said that this type of vehicle is not armed and not used for surveillance."

A target only used for practice fire and not a drone having any capability other than that?

From a comment to the news article:

"It's a Target Drone during joint Philippine/U.S. Balikatan 2012 (Operation Pacific Shield) launched from a u.s. navy sub. it's wing tip is jet assisted subsonic."

3. "USS Olympia sub docks in Subic for PHIBLEX 2013"

 "The crew of the USS Olympia, a Los Angeles class attack submarine, prepares to disembark on Monday for the 2013 RP-US Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX) to be held in Subic and Tarlac."

"USS Olympia (SSN-717) . . . was the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for Olympia, Washington."

The USS Olympia also may I remind you the flagship of Commodore Dewey during the Battle of Manila Bay, the Spanish-American War, 1898!!

Olympia a Los Angeles class sub perhaps of the latest Mark, all the bells and whistles? Olympia making a port call, a friendly gesture combined with re-supply, "routine maintenance", a little R&R for the sailors, etc.

4. "USS Gridley arrives in Manila"

"The US Navy's USS Gridley (DDG 101) Arleigh Burke-class destroyer arrives on Monday at Pier 15 in Manila to replenish supplies and to conduct routine maintenance of shipboard system, aircraft and aviation maintenance."

Gridley too the Captain of the flagship Olympia [1898] during The Battle of Manila Bay!

"Gridley is named after Captain Charles Gridley, Commander of Admiral George Dewey's flagship Olympia, (Flag Captain)"

These specific ships visiting Philippine ports, the courtesy call - - Olympia and Gridley chosen for name recognition? Very evocative and recalling that time in world history when American became for the first time A WORLD POWER OF SUBSTANCE, ABLE TO PROJECT MILITARY POWER WITH GLOBAL REACH!

America and the Philippines do have a mutual defense treaty. The Philippines also that one nation in the world where the populace have the most favorable opinion and impression of the United States.

Such naval activities also sending again that clear and consistent message to all parties involved in the current South China Sea disputes. Watch out!


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