Friday, January 25, 2013


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From that prior blog entry:

"Those dynamic circumstances requiring constant appraisal and change as needed by the authorities in Paris."

Dynamics to include retribution and reprisal for French intervention in Mali. More French military to the rescue!

Such as the recent execution of the French intelligence officer as had been held hostage in Somalia. Or the recent hostage taking in Algeria with the catastrophic loss of civilian life by the ham-handed actions of the Algerian military.

NOW, the French in response apparently having made the decision to further "escalate"?

"French special forces ‘to protect’ Niger uranium mines"

"France will send special forces to protect nuclear giant Areva’s uranium mines in Niger, according to a media report, amid a heightened security threat following a French-led offensive to drive Islamist rebels out of neighbouring Mali."

"France is to deploy special forces to protect uranium mines belonging to French nuclear energy giant Areva in Niger, according to a report in a news magazine this week."

Those uranium mines of Niger as operated by the French civilian concern Arvev considered to be a "strategic French asset".

The French having made that decision decades ago now to go nuclear for electric power, highly reliant almost to a fault upon an abundance of cheap yellowcake to be processed into a fissionable product as used in the man nuclear reactors of France.

NOW must be assiduously guarded and perhaps more or less forever in a manner way beyond what existed previously. This is for the long haul.


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