Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Der Landser III.

This is coolbert:

 Continuing and concluding with the extracts, military sketch art and commentary from the German military "dime novel" Der Landser.

German Skorzeny [?] commando units on a sabotage mission. German troops special operations ranger types wearing masks, NOT face paint. And making good their get-away in a kubelwagen

German troops manning an eighty-eight mm gun [?] on the Eastern Front, defending against on-rushing massed formations of Soviet T-34 tanks. Anti-tank guns organized into what was deemed a PAK front. Panzer anti-kanonen. That PAK front consisting of anti-tank ditches, anti-tank obstacles, anti-tank mines, the approaches to the PAK  front guarded by batteries of anti-tank guns with interlocking fields of fire, a senior "chief" in charge. "A group of up to ten guns were placed under the command of one officer. He was responsible to designate targets and direct the fire of his guns."

German night fighter, a Bf110 scores a knock-out blow against a British Lancaster bomber. That antenna array on the nose part and parcel for the Lichtenstein radar. The Bf110 a two-seater not effective as a day bomber but very useful as a night fighter. Especially so when equipped with Schrage Musik, that pair of 37 mm cannon firing upwards as the 110 passes UNDERNEATH a Lancaster.

 See thanks to youtube this most interesting video, a German night fighter and aging veteran actually demonstrating the method by which the schrage musik would be employed in combat. 


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