Wednesday, September 15, 2010


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"Any person subject to this chapter who forces a safeguard shall suffer DEATH!"

The safeguard. A little known or understood provision of the Uniform Code of Military Justice [UCMJ].

"safeguard - 'Safeguard. A safeguard is a detachment, guard, or detail posted by a commander for the protection of persons, places, or property of the enemy person or property.'"

Armed guards, a detachment or even individual soldiers, sentries, whose duty involves "the protection of persons, places, or property" belonging to the enemy!

"The effect of a safeguard is to pledge the honor of the nation that the person or property shall be respected by the national armed forces."

The SACRED HONOR of a nation on display when a safeguard is established!!

A provision - - a military code - - a tradition having an almost sacred nature to it!

During the Confederate invasion of the northern states by the Army of Northern Virginia [1863], Robert E. Lee was noted for placing armed guards to protect the more luxurious and prosperous residences of "Yankee" towns and villages invaded. To prevent looting and wanton destruction. R.E. Lee, the civilized man behaving in a civilized manner!

"The commanding general [Lee], therefore, earnestly exhorts the troops to abstain, with most scrupulous care, from unnecessary or wanton injury to private property, and he enjoins upon all offices to arrest and bring to summary punishment all who shall in any way offend against orders on this subject." - - R.E. LEE, General.

"sentries were placed out side many of the more pretentious houses to enforce the General's edict."

"safe-guards were individual soldiers or detachments placed to prevent places (often farms full of tasty crops and livestock) from being plundered. Forcing a safe-guard was the crime of overpowering a safe-guard. Safe-guards were often individual soldiers assigned to watch over an entire farm, so it only took a few marauders to 'force' him.'"

A safeguard when established - - those troops on detail, a detachment or an individual - - are guaranteed an inviolability, the violation of the safeguard [FORCING] a crime punishable by DEATH under normal circumstances!!

Recognized since ancient times as a very grave violation of the rules of land warfare - - malefactors when caught suitably punished!!

Safeguard.-A safeguard is a detachment of soldiers posted or detailed by a commander of troops for the purpose of protecting some person or persons, or a particular village, building, or other property . . . The violation of a safeguard is a grave offense against the laws of war."

Inviolability of soldiers as safeguards.-Soldiers on duty as safeguards are guaranteed against the application of the laws of war"

"forcing a safeguard (current) - Forcing a safeguard. 'Forcing a safeguard' means to perform an act or acts in violation of the protection of the safeguard."

Punitive Articles of the UCMJ:

"Article 102—Forcing a safeguard 'Any person subject to this chapter who forces a safeguard shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.'”

The American military during the 2003 invasion of Iraq was REMISS - - not placing a safeguard on the Iraqi national museum, to prevent looting? Treasures from antiquity stolen, many later however being recovered, some only recently. That museum should have been the object of a safeguard but was not!

The safeguard is an indication of proper comportment during battle and war, the presence of the safeguard indicative of civilized behavior, the lack thereof resulting in behavior of the seemly nature on occasion!


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