Monday, September 13, 2010


This is coolbert:

Here with two interesting images. One thanks to drakegoodman and the other courtesy of Jungle Trader.

First an image of the German soldier from almost 100 years ago. The other image of the German soldier [actually an airman, a member of the Luftwaffe] - - current!

Here a German fahnrich from
the era of the Great War [WW1], dated around
1915. An officer-cadet, a man aspiring to
officer rank serving first as a junior
non-commissioned officer, finally becoming
a commissioned officer, having learned
the trade of soldiering from the bottom up!
Note the map case around the neck.

"Fähnrich (officer candidate) is a German and Austrian military rank in armed forces which has no direct comparison in the English speaking world."

Zeitzler the German Chief of Staff [succeeding Halder] under Hitler marched off to war during WW1 as a fahnrich!

And now the German soldier from the current era
- - the year 2010! An airman - - a master sergeant
serving in the Luftwaffe!

The uniforms are different - - the facial hair not too unlike - - the national characteristics of the German the SAME in either case - - contributing to the traits that make for a good soldier?! Troops you want on YOUR side!


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