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Here with a less than sanguine appraisal of those "small" thermonuclear warheads so vital to the Polaris submarine-launched ballistic missile program. That phrase "less than sanguine" again!

A fear it would seem well justified the weapons WOULD NOT WORK!!

1. "Reliability controversy". W47 warhead.

"The history of the W47 warhead had a serious series of reliability problems with the warhead design. 300 of the EC-47 production prototype model were produced from April 1960 through June 1960, and were all promptly retired in June 1960 due to reliability concerns. Production of Y1 and Y2 models then proceeded in 1960 through 1964. A total of 1060 Y1 and Y2 models were produced, but they were found to have so many reliability problems that no more than 300 were ever in service at any given time. In 1966, 75% of the stockpiled Y2 warheads were thought to be defective and unusable. Repair programs continued for some time."

It should not be thought that the problems as associated with the W47 existed in a vacuum or were unique to the nuclear weapons program of the United States. Serious and real concern existed that these and other atomic weapons if and when actually used WOULD NOT WORK!!

Another thermonuclear warhead controversial and determined as being a "dud" was the W52 as designed for the battlefield Sergeant missile:

2. "Reliability controversy". W52 warhead.

"Three models of the W52 were produced, the Mod 1, Mod 2, and Mod 3. A warhead test was performed in 1963, which failed, showing that the Mod 1 and Mod 2 versions of the W52 were essentially duds. The Mod 3 was subsequently redesigned to work properly."

Questions that might be properly asked include: A. The reliability of the entire American atomic arsenal during that period of the Cold War? B. The reliability of the current American atomic arsenal? C. The reliability of the Soviet atomic arsenal during that period of the Cold War and since that time? D. Did the Soviets ever have a knowledge of American nuclear warhead reliability issues?

Indeed!! Consider that: "Since the United States has also not tested nuclear weapons since 1992" . . . "Because no new nuclear weapons have been developed by the United States since 1992" THAT EXISTING ATOMIC STOCKPILE AND ARSENAL "RELIABILITY" CAN JUSTIFIABLY CALLED INTO QUESTION?

More on this later.


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