Sunday, September 6, 2015

PJ Women.

This is coolbert:

Superman and Superwoman?

"Air Force Moves to Open 7 Combat Jobs to Women"

Women as pararescue jumpers [PJ's]? Women? I am sure many are thinking the same.

"Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told reporters during a visit to Hawaii on Monday she plans to open up seven jobs for women to include pararescue [PJ] and tactical air control party."

. . . .

"Currently, only seven jobs in the Air Force are closed to women to include special tactics officer, pararescue [PJ], tactical air control party (TACP), combat rescue officer, combat control team, special operation weather officer and enlisted."

Acceptance into the program [PJ] requires a demonstrable degree of advanced physical aptitude as determined by a rather rigorous test. That test and what constitutes passing to include:

* 2x25 meters Underwater Swim: Pass or Fail
* Swim: 500 meters = 10:07 minutes and seconds.
* Run: 1.5 miles = 9:47 minutes and seconds.
* Pull ups: 10 (1 min)
* Sit-Ups: 54 (2 min)
* Push-Ups: 52 (2 min)

In all instances perfect push-ups, perfect pull-ups, perfect sit-ups. Also swim and demonstrate an ability to swim for a distance underwater.

For PJ ONLY those most dedicated and prepared individuals physically and mentally prepared need apply and this needs to be understood for all applicants from the get-go.. Perhaps Secretary James needs to spend a week observing the PJ in training?


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