Thursday, September 3, 2015

Transit & GPS.

This is coolbert:

From  a previous blog entry:

"TRANSIT and the AN/UYK-1 at that exact moment in time state-of-the-art but by modern standards primitive in the extreme. How times have changed!"

YES INDEED! consider:

"GPSMAP® 78sc Marine Handheld GPS Receiver with Compass and Barometer"

That cost in USD $250. Dimensions: 2 5/8"W x 6"H x 1 3/16"D. TO INCLUDE RADIO RECEIVER, GPS PROCESSOR, DISPLAY, THE TOTAL PACKAGE!

For rough and dirty within the ballpark comparison purposes:

Taking into consideration only pricing and packaging size the GPSMAP 78sc about 300,000 times better than the AN/UYK-1 computer. ONLY including GPS processing with output and NOT including the receiver as embedded in the hand-held device OR degree of global positioning accuracy.

Modern micro-electronics allowing for amazing and formidable applications MIND BOGGLING ALMOST.


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