Monday, September 14, 2015

Caracal MOUT.

This is coolbert:

The Israeli high command having observed the most activity of Islamic State combatants in Sinai are making preparations to thwart  possible ISIL incursions into Israeli territory. Thanks to Ynet for the article.

Preparations that include training for military operations urban environment [MOUT].

Military training exercises and training for MOUT of which Caracal is a participant.

Caracal the mixed gender combat battalion. Caracal their main role as I understand it patrolling, reconnaissance, observe and report, engage when necessary.

"Caracal fighters training for ISIS incursion"

"Amid the rising threat of a coordinated ISIS attack from Sinai, the mixed-gender battalion has begun training on complex urban warfare scenarios like those they may face after an ISIS attack."

An image of Caracal troops practicing how to clear a building. Those are Tavor bullpup assault rifles they are using. "The first class of Caracal fighters recently trained on clearing buildings at the Kziot base, while using pyrotechnic effects which simulated live fire and grenades. In addition to the urban warfare training, the fighters practiced camouflage and observation techniques against militant forces across the border."

This is the lady commanding officer of a Caracal company. It would seem that officers as well as enlisted are gender mixed in Caracal..

Always looking for items regarding Caracal. Caracal that desert-dwelling cat androgynous, having features both of male and female. See previous blog entries regarding Caracal and associated units:


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