Sunday, September 13, 2015


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A period of warfare and armed conflict must be thought of as progressing through three discernible stages. 1. What led up to the war. 2. The actual fighting of the war itself. 3. The aftermath of the war and the consequences.

This Internet article suggests that French culture in slow but steady decline since the end of the Second World War onward. A decline resulting from post-war purge occurring among the French intellectual hierarchy, those persons deemed as collaborationist, friendly toward Vichy or fascism.

Many of those purged from the ranks of the literary elite, much to the detriment of future generations.

"THE PURGE AND THE POETS" by Rémi Tremblay.

"When one thinks of the French language, it is impossible not to think of the richness of its literature. Known for its theater and poetry, its classicism and romanticism, French has produced some of the world’s best authors. But like many things in France, its culture is declining. Where did this decline start? Did it start with the Cultural Marxist revolution of the 60’s? French author Léon Arnoux who recently published L’épuration et les Poètes (The Purge and the Poets) claims the origins of the decline coincide with the purges at the end of the Second World War."

"When France was liberated at the end of the Second World War, a wind of vengeance swept the country. After being defeated and enduring four years under foreign rule, it was now time to settle the score. Thousands of French [estimates greatly vary as to the exact numbers] were murdered and executed while as many were imprisoned in concentration camps in a purge similar to the one that followed the French Revolution of 1789."

"Whoever had collaborated in one way or another with the German foe became a prey. Any artist who had continued his work, even if it was totally apolitical, like that of Georges Simenon, the father of Maigret, was targeted"

These literati in the vast preponderance of cases not taking up ARMS on behalf of Vichy or the German. Treason and treachery as defined in a very broad sense, even the slightest smidgen of approval for Vichy or the fascist cause liable to get you in big trouble.


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