Sunday, October 13, 2019


This is coolbert:

The Sworbe Pocket. Germans under the command of Field Marshal Ferdinand Schörner.

Hold out! To the end! No retreat! Terrain of no great value!

Thanks to You Tube video. Sworbe I had never heard of. 

Consider: 1. Sworbe yet one more example of German senior officers acting in a manner [after discussion perhaps?] contrary to the explicit and direct orders of Hitler himself. 2. Also one more instance of the successful reverse amphibious operation. Amphibious operations considered to the most difficult of all military tasks. Such an operation while under intense pressure even more so. 3. Ferdinand Schörner having so strongly encouraged his men to fight under hopeless conditions at the very end of WW2 himself donned a civilian suit and was flown out of the battle area to surrender to American forces.


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