Friday, October 11, 2019


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WARNING! If you are an American and view this You Tube video be prepared for a painful experience. Not easy to watch and listen to but within context of the Vietnam War aspects that hardly can be denied.

Thanks to the tip from Nicky in this instance.

"A presentation and reading by Hamilton Gregory, author of 'McNamara's Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam.' Because so many college students were avoiding military service during the Vietnam War, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara lowered mental standards to induct 354,000 low-IQ men. Their death toll in combat was appalling."

Assets of using low-IQ troops far outweighed by the debits. Persons 1. Did not want to be in the army in the first place AND had no reason being drafted anyhow. 2. Beyond that did not want to be in Vietnam even more so. Mr. Hamilton certainly knows the subject matter well from intimate experience and also is an excellent and persuasive speaker

Not mentioned is that quite often low-IQ troops having severe discipline problems and often discharged with less than honorable duty status. A big red-flag for future employment in whatever capacity. Benefits as normally due the veteran also denied.

Combat losses described as appalling. Combat losses not only to the low-IQ GI but also fellow soldiers as well.

Dolorous in the extreme and a situation we hope never occurs again!


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